As high quality fiber, Cashmere is more sensitive than less delicate fibers. The best guarantee for preserving the beauty of your Cashmere styles is the right care. 

The fine fibers of Cashmere goat are similar to human hair in its structure and softness because they consist of the same substance (amino acid). The following instructions will help you preserving the form and elegant optics of your Cashmere products. 

Manual Washing      

We recommend washing the Cashmere product at 30°C (hand warm to slightly cool water) and with mild laundry detergent. Please do not let the product lie soaked in water. Subsequently thoroughly rinse your most favorite item with lukewarm water. Put the Cashmere product on a dry towel and pull it carefully back to its original form. Roll the towel together and squeeze out any surplus water. 

If necessary, repeat this step. Please do not wring out or twist a Cashmere product. Unfold the Cashmere product afterwards on a dry towel and let it dry at room temperature. 

Please do not put it on a radiator or in the sun. Please do also not put it on a coat hanger, except the product tends to be too short for you personally. 

Machine Washing    

Your most favorite items are as safe in the wool program (30 °C) of a washing machine as if washed by hand. Please ensure that your Cashmere products are turned inside out and that the washing drum is only half full. Afterwards you can spin the products at low speed.

Pull the product back into form and let it dry through the same process as described earlier. 


A Cashmere product should be lightly steamed after drying with a steam iron. To do so, pull the product into form and hold the steam iron above it for a few moments. A steamed/ironed Cashmere product usually fluffs less. 


A Cashmere product should be kept lying because hanging could deform it. Please also keep your favorite piece in its bag. Before wearing it, you can “hang it out” over night. Due to this “ventilation” the fibers are straightened back up and the Cashmere product is snug and cozy.

Knots and Lint   

Knots and lint are a normal by-product of wearing. They are easily removed with a lint roller or parcel tape or can simply be picked off by hand.

Cleaning Service     

With every washing your favorite piece becomes more beautiful. Our short tips for care and cleaning ensure that you will enjoy it lastingly. We also provide professional cleaning services for your Cashmere products. 

Just send your Cashmere products to the following address: 

Modelabel EDELZiEGE
Pure Cashmere Reinigungsservice
Gottschaldstraße 1a
D-08523 Plauen 

We will return your precious items cleaned and knot-free within a few days.