EDELZiEGE will not support mass production, starvation wages and a environmentally damaging method of production. 

The fashion of EDELZiEGE stands for sophisticated details in design and premium natural materials. To take on responsibility for our society and environment, EDELZiEGE insists on sustainability of the chosen resources and an intentional dissociation from mass manfacturing. We manage to combine Ethics and style through truthfull commitment to the natural materials and on-site production in Mongolia. Every single collection will always remain produced from 100% cashmere wool. All materials are renewable and harvested from animals living in the wild in Mongolia. 

Why does EDELZiEGE produce in Mongolia? 

It is an affair of the heart for Saruul Fischer, owner and designer of EDELZiEGE to make sure that the wool from Mongolia gets processed within Mongolia and does not get exported. Due to her commitment, employment increases while existing jobs are sustained. EDELZiEGE embraced the institution of the minimum wage by law in Mongolia and campaigns for better labor conditions through donations in the local production facilities. 

EDELZiEGE collaborates only with small manufacturers which support requirements of good working conditions and environmental protection as well as the EDELZiEGE standard of quality and design. 

The three small knitting mills in Mongolia that EDELZiEGE works with, employ 20 to 40 staff members of which 90% of them are women. EDELZiEGE ensures that the jobs of these women remain preserved.