The Label 

EDELZiEGE is a label with direct roots in Mongolia – home to the most valuable natural fabric, Cashmere wool. From classy and elegant to cool and stylish, Cashmere clothing and accessories guarantee a luxurious and special fashion experience for YOU. 100 % Cashmere, highest quality and wearing comfort are the principles of EDELZiEGE.

The Story 

The breathtaking landscapes of almost infinite expanse, the extreme climate and ancient traditions – and Cashmere. All of these converged into the background melody of Saruul Fischer’s childhood, the owner of EDELZiEGE. With this natural product she builds bridges between her Mongolian home country and her home of choice, Germany. 

 In 2007, during a family visit in Ulan Bator, she found the ideal local partner, a Cashmere knitting factory renown for its high quality and craftsmanship. Yet she did not simply want to trade Cashmere products. Due to her sense of fashion and creativity, she started to produce her own collection. Since 2008, Saruul Fischer designs, produces and distributes elegant Cashmere products under the label EDELZiEGE. Her concept is simple: cashmere is not boring and old- fashioned. Cashmere is versatile, stylish and cool.